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Welcome to, (and permutation webpages that provide a direct link to this Privacy Policy – collectively the“Sites”), which are owned and operated by Sudgen Biotechnology Inc. (“SudgenBiotech” or “we”), Bellevue, Washington, USA. This Privacy Policy is designedto explain our practices regarding the collection and use of informationreceived from you and/or your company.

The Sites provide anopportunity for investors, prospective employees, and other adults to learnmore about our company. The Sites are particularly geared to our customer base– biotechnology researchers and life scientists – and to providing them withcontent, products, and services focusing on their industry, to the role theyplay in their organizations, and to helping they accomplish biologicalprocedures faster, more reliably, and in a cost-efficient manner.

Your use of theSites is subject to this Privacy Policy, which you may at any time print ordownload (or request a printed copy by contacting us as specified below). We reservethe right to change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the revisedpolicy at this location.

Consent and Data Transfer: 
By giving your personalinformation to us, which includes information furnished during apre-registration, online order or other registration or data capture process,you agree that we may collect and use such personal information and otherinformation in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. 

For our customers in Switzerland and the European Union, please notethat Sudgen Biotech (as a US based company) operates also through its directand indirect subsidiaries in countries outside of Switzerland and the EuropeanUnion (including the US) and may involve certain third parties (see sectionThird Parties below). If you use this Site, all information, including personalinformation, will be transferred to Sudgen BIotech (including subcontractorsthat may be maintaining and/or operating our Sites) in the United States andelsewhere and may be transferred to third parties that may be located anywherein the world (see section Third Parties below). Although this may includerecipients of information located in countries where there may be a lower levelof legal protection for your personal information than in your locationcountry, we will protect your information in accordance with requirementsapplicable to your information. By using this Site, you unambiguously consentto the transfer of your personal information and other information to theUnited States and elsewhere for the purposes and uses described herein. 

How we collect information about you: 

Personally identifying information. 
When you registervia this Site, you will be asked to provide personally identifying contactinformation (e.g., name, organization, address, phone number, e-mail address, and so on) and other information. On this Site, for example, we maycollect and retain personally identifying and other information from you in anumber of ways, such as when you place an order, request e-mail updates orother information, complete customer surveys, submit a feedback or contactform, or provide a resume. Information about particular transactions, such asproduct purchases over the website, is maintained in our databases in the same orsimilar manner as such information is maintained for transactions which aredone by telephone, fax, etc. If any third parties, including any companiesowned by Thermo Fisher, provide information to us about you, we may combinethat information with other information we have about you, and if and to theextent we do, we will treat such combined information in accordance with thisPrivacy Policy.

E-mail address. 
Your e-mail addressis used to raise and respond to issues and inquiries of all types and to keepin contact with you generally. It is also used to distribute information aboutus and market our products and services as described herein.

Use of cookies and website data. 
This Site collectsvarious information from you in the course of your navigation of the Site, suchas the URL of the site you just came from, the browser version you use, yourInternet Protocol (IP) address, IP ports, date/time of access, size of datatransferred, pages you visit, and other “clickstream” data. We are typicallynot able to relate such data to you as an individual if you merely browse ourSite and do not disclose your identity to us, e.g., in connection with aregistration. We also use "cookies" to enhance your Site visit. A“cookie” is information either temporarily or permanently stored in a file onyour computer. You can set your internet browser to reject cookies (refer toyour internet browser instructions if you wish to do so), but that may limityour use of some convenience features at this Site.

How we use information about you: 

We use informationcollected by clickstream data collection and cookies to store your preferences,improve web site navigation, make personalized features and other servicesavailable to you, compile and analyze aggregate statistics and trends, andotherwise help administer and improve the Site. Where you provide registrationinformation, cookies can also be used to identify you when you log onto theSite or portions of the Site.

Except as otherwisestated, we may use information we collect from you and others to respond toyour request, improve the content, services, and products that we provide,customize this Site to your preferences, communicate information to you (whereyou have not expressed a preference otherwise), for our marketing and researchanalysis, and for other purposes identified to you. Some marketing and researchanalysis is conducted by third parties providing data collection and analysisservices under contract with us, utilizing anonymous data collected fromcookies. As noted above, you can reject such cookies by following yourbrowser’s instructions. We reserve the right to make full use of informationthat is not in personally identifiable form.

From time to time,we use contact information obtained via this Site to send e-mail and postalmail supplying customers with the most recent product and service well as other information we think may be useful to you. If you orderproducts or services via our Site, we may contact you by e-mail to send youinformation about your order (e.g., order confirmations, shipmentnotifications, etc.). We may also contact Site visitors via e-mail regardingtheir account status, and about changes to any relevant agreements or policies.We sometimes also use this data to establish a profile for your company, orcollectively for some or all of our customers, to help us make businessdecisions, such as what kinds of new products we should be developing. We willalso use it for other internal business purposes including aggregatinginformation, data warehousing and mining, cross matching databases and poolingdata for effective data management, to understand your needs, improve securityof data, for statistical analysis, devising, deploying and measuring marketingcampaigns and group wide sharing and for such and other reasonable businesspurposes and operational efficiency improvement. We may remove information whenit becomes out of date or inaccurate or when properly requested by you (subjectto any legal duty or requirement we may have to preserve it).

In connection withour customer rewards programs and/or other promotions, we use the informationyou submit to maintain your account, measure the benefits for our business andpursue other legitimate business purposes as described in this Privacy Policyand in the terms and conditions (where applicable) for the program or promotion.

How we share your information: 

Third parties. 
Sudgen Biotech doesnot provide the personally identifiable information you supply to us to outsidemailing lists. We may share information about you with employees, affiliates,successors, and agents/representatives (for example, consultants), which are requiredto treat the information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Except asspecifically described in this Privacy Policy, we will not, without yourspecific prior consent, sell, trade or transfer your information tounaffiliated third parties other than authorized third parties (such as, forexample, contractors supporting operation of this Site) and other third partiesinvolved in the distribution chain (e.g., vendors, service providers,principals for whom we act as agents or subcontractors), which may need accessto some of your personal information in order to directly or indirectly fulfilla contractual obligation with you or for some other legitimate purpose. Weoblige such third parties to comply with our privacy policy, and limit theiraccess and use of your personal information.

In the event of anyprospective or actual merger, business or asset sale, divestiture, otherchanges in control or financial status, or re-organization we may share ortransfer personal information with the other party or parties involved. We willrequire the recipient to use the information in accordance with this PrivacyPolicy.

Disclosures required by law. 
Occasionally, we maybe required by law enforcement, government contract administrators, and/orjudicial authorities to provide personally identifiable information to theappropriate judicial, governmental or regulatory authorities under applicablelaw, regulation or the terms of government contracts. We will disclosepersonally identifiable information upon receipt of a court order, subpoena, orif required to co-operate with law enforcement investigations or governmentcontract compliance reviews. We reserve the right to report to law enforcementagencies any activities that we in good faith believe to be unlawful to theextent permitted by law.

How we protect your information: 

We take reasonabletechnical and organizational steps to safeguard the information you provide tous and protect it from unauthorized access, loss, destruction or alteration.For example, web page elements transmitting personal or financial informationare encrypted from your client PC to our servers (which are located in theUnited States to the extent data on Canadian registered website visitors isconcerned) using the standard known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Beyond theSSL encryption your data is protected once it reaches our network through theuse of secure network firewalls. Portions of your data may also be encrypted onour storage server for additional security.

Because no system is100% secure or error-free despite taking commercially reasonable steps, SudgenBiotech and its affiliates do not guarantee, and you should not expect, thatinformation you provide shall remain private under all circumstances. It isyour responsibility to safeguard any passwords, ID numbers, or other specialaccess features associated with your use of the Site.

Opting out: 

If you do not wishto receive certain communications from us, or our affiliates orrepresentatives, you may opt out by: (1) declining the service offered whenregistering or at other information collection points on the Site, or (2)informing us that you no longer wish to receive such communications. We willcomply with such requests unless such communications from us are required bylaw or contract or do not require your consent under applicable laws. If youopt out of certain communications, you may not be able to access certain of ourproducts or services. If you would like to opt-out of receiving communicationsfrom affiliates or other third parties with whom we shared data in accordancewith this policy, please contact such third parties directly.

Access, blocking, deletion and correction of information you provide: 

You may at any timerequest access to a summary of your personal information held by us, andrequest corrections or updates to that information. We will make reasonableefforts to respond promptly to such requests for information in accordance withlocal laws. Our response to such requests may be limited to information underour direct control.

Please notify us ofany changes in your name, address, title, telephone number or e-mail address.You can correct your personally identifiable information yourself by accessingyour online profile, or by contacting us to request changes. You may ask tohave the information on your account deleted or removed; however, because wekeep track of certain transaction information, such as past purchases, andother similar information, for legal compliance purposes, we may not be able todelete certain information. If information we hold appears to be inaccurate wewill block its use until the position is verified to our satisfaction

If you have anyquestions relating to this Privacy Policy or relating to the transfer of yourpersonal data, please contact us at your local office. If you do not agree tothis Privacy Policy, please do not provide us with your information.

Other web sites: 

This Site containslinks to the web sites of other organizations. Sudgen Biotech is notresponsible for the privacy practices or the content of other web sites, andunless otherwise specified, does not imply any relationship, sponsorship, oraffiliation between Sudgen Biotech and these linked sites, or adoption orapproval of the content of such sites. Since we do not control these web sites,we encourage you to review the privacy policies posted on those, and all, thirdparty web sites.

Children's Privacy: 

We do not knowinglycollect personal information from children under the age of 18.

Revisions to Privacy Policy: 

Please check backfor material revisions to this Policy, which will be described here

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